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Our Brands

Carnival Caterers

Carnival Group offers professional Catering Services for business and personal needs. Count on us for an unforgettable experience, with unique and elegant service, for events like weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, family functions, corporate events, religious ceremonies, anniversaries and theme dinners. We believe in quality of deliverance that roots in customer satisfaction.

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Rassam Express

The light and healthy, delectable south Indian vegetarian solutions presented in stylish avatars. Rassam Express has all elements to pull the trending Indian consumer who love and pride the endless vegetarian choices India offers. It is a Quick service model of Rassam which is currently located in Mumbai BKC Complex.

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Carnival Food Court

The flagship brand and the first to be set, pushes forth the vision to bridge lack of state of the art facilities to run successful QSR's. The brand is visualized as an Operator providing facility and technical support for running QSR brands. The wide segmental and regional experience the company gained; is effectively used here to provide easy entry for International and Regional vendors, to set up a food outlet for the consumer segment they are positioned to. As operator, the company would provide needed technical, training, marketing and facility support for smooth functioning. Carnival Food Court defines celebration of variety, taste and quality with fun and love. Carnival Food Court is moving towards to being a major food-courts' operator pan-India.

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Rassam is Carnival Foods' most recent venture that serves to vegetarian dishes across South India. Rassam offers 100% Fresh & Pure vegetarian cuisine served in the form of authentic Indian delights and Chinese fusion flavours. Whether you follow an active vegetarian lifestyle or love having a veggie meal every now and then, it is important to have a healthy, well-balanced diet. With high regard for quality, our veg dishes are prepared with fresh and pure ingredients, thereby ensuring a healthy dining. Rassam envisions to create and execute abundant food choices for vegetarians without sacrificing quality and taste.

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Red Bubble Café

Red Bubble Café is a coffee chain from Carnival Foods with its unique ambience - a fusion of Indian aroma and International outlook. Ours is a one of its kind coffee shop to indulge in every coffee connoisseur's dream. We are highly appreciated for our cake preparations, energizing coffee and snacks. Whether you want to stop off for refreshment or treat yourself to a quick bite, if you crave for something different, Red Bubble Café is the perfect hangout place for your 'on the go' lifestyle.

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D'Bell promises to enthrall the senses with an eclectic mix of world cuisine complemented with the widest variety of beverages, in an ambience of your choosing.

Cafe: The Cafe is elegantly bright; light coloured and beautifully designed with outlined elements from Europe and America. It is adorned with an open kitchen serving cuisines from world over and hosts frequent festivals celebrating food items from different parts of the world.

Lounge: The Lounge is a haven for music fanatics who revel in the allure of a variety of genres. This section is bedecked with a large performance stage where esteemed and blossoming artists alike will showcase their glory, to which our avant-garde acoustics will add aural beauty. At a comfortable corner, is nestled The Upper Deck, an enclosure with a paramount view of the performance area. This enclosure will be an exclusive area for HNIs and professional clients.

D’Bell is an epicurean’s gourmet paradise mixed with unforgettable dining experience. It is an ideal mix of resto lounge and bar, providing world cuisine. Located in premium locations, branches are set in Mumbai and Singapore.

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Cafe Sabrosa

Sabrosa, in Spanish, means tasteful,piquant and delicious, which is what we strive for every day with our unadulterated Global Fusion, hand-crafted for those with a discerning palate and a sharp sense of fresh, wholesome food. Set in a quaint Latino ambience, Sabrosa is an exotic yet cozy bistro that will make you feel like you've been transported to a Spanish tavern where the air is filled with festivities, music and warmth. For liquor connoisseurs and gourmands, the eclectic and exhaustive bar list makes sure that you don't settle for anything less than your first and last loves!

Bringing to desk Asian and especially Mediterranean delicacies, this is a Premium café, Bar & Grill dine space. Full-Fledged bar, unique ambience and extensive menu create the right nudge for exquisite Food & Wine experience

The premium Cafe brings Asian and Mediterranean delicacies to the table. The full-fledged bar, unique ambience and extensive menu create the right nudge for exquisite Food & Wine experience.

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